carries moorit and spotting


STS-238J "Sophie" White, beautifully horned, twin.  Born 4-29-99.  Sire STS- 620F, Dam Iceland Ewe 186Z.  "Sophie" is gentle, friendly ewe with a calm temperament.  She has a lovely lustrous fleece and an excellent udder.  She had a very nice single lamb last year as a ewe lamb at 11 months.  She carries moorit, solid, and spotting.  Her mother was on of the original ewes from the 2nd importation from Iceland and has twinned every year for the last 8 years.

To the best that we can tell Sophie's genetic make up is as follows: 

Color: Moorit ?
Pattern: Solid White
Spotting: Yes ?

Sire: STS- 620F "Jean Pierre", solid moorit spotted, horned, twin. Dam STS-19Z, Sire STS-177D. Moorit spotted, thin horns, twin. Excellent conformation, medium wool. Temperament: Quiet, shy. Horns: Thin, poorly shaped, one had to be cut the other is clearing face well.

Dame: Iceland Ewe 186Z white, horned, twin.  Sire Glaedit 1026-02, Dam Raudka 1026-21.  She is one of the last surviving ewes from the 2nd importation from Iceland. This is some of the original genes and has not been diluted by inbreeding.  She is an excellent mother and milks well.


Bred to:
JMO-117J GreySpot*: Gorgeous grey spotted proven twin ram. Perfect horns.  His fleece is silvery blue grey and his lamb's fleeces were exceptional.  He is shy but curious. 

*- We do not own this ram but he can be found at Frelsi Farm.   He was used as stud this season and was bred to our "Sophie" who we bought as a bred ewe.

On April 5, 2001 one of our newest ewes Sophie gave birth to twins, a spotted black ram with one white sock and a white blaze on his forehead and a solid black ewe.  The ram lamb's markings are almost the same as his dad, Greyspot  who is one of the Sires at Frelsi Farm.  Both lambs are growing fast and will be large framed as both parents have large rumen and good confirmation.

Both Sophie and Greyspot have perfect horns and the lambs will also be nicely horned.  The ram lamb was large at birth and very active and will make a super sire for a starter flock.  Sophie comes from a line of good mothers and is very calm and attentive so her ewe lamb will be a good choice.  It is too early to tell if the lambs are black grey but we will know in the next few days. 

Icelandic lambs that are grey look solid black at birth and then within the first week start showing white fibers around their mouth which is often called "sugar lips".  What you are seeing is the white thel undercoat growing in and the black tog outer coat remaining on top.  As grey patterned sheep get older the head and legs keep their dark color as their is almost no tog while the body looks grey ranging from a dark steely blue grey to almost a silver white (when homozygous for grey).