Black Spotted




Carries solid and moorit

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Sally is a black spotted polled ewe who is the daughter of "Sassy", of Jager Farm.  Sally's Granddam is the famous Saddleback of Yeoman, perhaps the most influential ewe in all of the North America flock of Icelandic Sheep.  Sally has a curious streak as does her mother and always has to check out what is going on when visitors arrive.  Her head and chest are black with a white cap.  Most of the rest of her body is white (which is the spot on top of her base color black).  She has scattered smaller spots on her legs and a peach sized black spot on her side.  She has a barrel shaped rumen and a wide pelvic carriage so she should be a great mother.  Because both her parents carried moorit and were spotted she passes on spotting and solid and possible moorit. 

She has a medium length fleece but it has a lot of curl and is thel rich.  She comes from lines that are polled so that if you are looking for polled lambs she would make an excellent choice.  Her mother STS-140J is a reliable twinner at Jager Farm.

BLW-140K's genetic make up is as follows: 

Color: Black Moorit
Pattern: Solid Solid
Spotting: Yes Yes

Here are her parents:

Dam: STS-140J, "Sassy" a beautiful solid moorit spotted, polled, twin.  She is a dominant type ewe that likes to be in charge.  Sally acts the same and stands up to much larger and older ewes with no backing down.

Sire:  BLW-202H, a Black spotted , single ram with very small scurs. Excellent conformation, very nice wool. Carries moorit and solid. His bloodlines go back to the original first foundation flock at Yeoman farm.