Icelandic Rams


Rex as a yearling

Rex this last Fall

Here is what Rex looks like now!



Gray Moorit Badgerface


single (from a ewe lamb)



Rex- SRX 135H (BLW 14E "SPOT" X SRX 175G) Rex is a Gray Moorit Badgerface, completely polled single ram with a long meaty body and very correct feet and legs. This ram also has a very fine silky fleece and excellent conformation. Rex was named in honor of the famous Rex Mongold of Tongue River Farm in Montana.  Rex is well known for his felt creations made from Icelandic wool.  Rex and his wife Susan have the largest flock of Icelandic sheep in North America with around 500 purebred Icelandic sheep!

He is especially nice in that being a Gray Moorit Badgerface both of the pattern genes he is carrying show.  This means that he received a gene for Gray from his mother and Badgerface from his father.  Sometimes it is not possible to see both pattern genes as recessive genes can be "hidden" on sheep that are showing a more dominant pattern.

Because both of his pattern genes are showing means that when bred to solid colored black or moorit ewes, the offspring will be either badgerface or gray as the ewe would pass along solid as a pattern gene and solid is recessive to both gray and badgerface.  The same is true for Moufi our Gray Mouflon horned ram.

His Sire has a very blocky body and was one of the best producers at Tongue River Farm  (BLW-14E "Spot"). His Dam (SRX-175G) had him as a ewe lamb and had an early birth and plenty of milk and mothering ability as well as a fabulous fine silky fleece.  He carries spotting from his dad.

What we can tell about Rex's (SRX-135H) genetic make up is as follows: 

Color: Moorit Moorit
Pattern: Gray  badgerface
Spotting: No Yes

Dam: SRX-175G, Gray Moorit, polled, twin. Shy and alert, silky fleece. Lambed as a ewe lamb, now at 171%, excellent mother.   Carries spotting.

Sire: BLW-14E "Spot", Spotted Moorit Badgerface, clear polled, single, carries moorit. Completely smooth headed, quiet gentle disposition, grows a wealth of lustrous fine fleece. Color is mainly on head and feet; broad deep bodied conformation and square straight legs.  His dam usually raises twins.  "Spot" passes on his spotting pattern to his offspring. 

We are excited to have Rex on our farm as he is clear polled and comes from of the best of Tongue River Farm's lines.