Icelandic Rams

Moufi Jr.

Moufi has kept his dark color black to his gray

Here he is at 18 months old

Here is what he looked like at 2 1/2 months old.




Moufi Jr.


Gray (Black) Mouflon,horned


, born 4-28-99 "Moufi Jr.", twin, gray (black) mouflon, wide strong horns.  "Moufi Jr." is a beautiful gray (black) mouflon ram who like his dad is very friendly and loves to be petted under his chin.  He has strong wide black horns. 

Moufi received Gray as a pattern gene from his mother and Mouflon from his dad.  His dad is the top ram at Solidago Farm in New Hampshire and has produced some terrific offspring.  This makes Moufi especially nice because both of his pattern genes are showing means that when bred to solid colored black or moorit ewes, the offspring will be either mouflon or gray as the ewe would pass along solid as a pattern gene and solid is recessive to both gray and mouflon.  The same is true for Rex our Gray Moorit Badgerface polled ram.

To the best that we can tell Moufi Jr.'s genetic make up is as follows: 

Color: Black or Moorit Black
Pattern: Mouflon Gray
Spotting: No No

Dam: DRK-07-F "Beardsley" gray (black), horned , single, with a calm temperament.  Her lambs have been good sized and blocky.  She carries solid.

Sire: STS-44-H, "Moufi" black mouflon, twin,  horns that clear face well, but not wide, nice medium soft fleece, quite friendly.  He carries Moorit and Solid.

We are excited to have Moufi on our farm as he has a very sweet disposition and comes from of the best of Solidago Farm's lines.  Because he is showing both both gray and mouflon his lambs will be either gray or mouflon.  If you are interested in the offspring of any of our ewes let us know and we will let you know who we are breeding to Moufi!  We will then send you info and pictures of the lambs this spring.