Carries solid or badgerface

Jezebel is a white polled ewe who is the daughter of "Golsa", one of the foundation ewes at Yeoman Farm.  She has a very independent streak did not find a ram that she wanted to be bred to this last year as a ewe lamb.  She is now full breeding size and should be a solid twinner like her mother.  She twice jumped out of breeding pens when she did not like the ram she was put in with. 

Last year, one ram (Aslan) was so determined to breed with her that he broke out of his pen trying to get to her.  He got in a fight with the ram (Mocha) in that pen and the other ram died from the injuries from the fight.  This is why we named her Jezebel. In the New Testament in Revelation 2:20, the name Jezebel is given to a wicked woman who exerts a corrupting influence. The name has come to signify a brazen or forward woman.

She has a very long full fleece.  She comes from lines that are very cleanly polled so that if you are looking for polled lambs she would make an excellent choice.  Her mother STS-37Z is a reliable twinner at Yeoman Farm with a breeding percentage of over 180% (2x1;8x2) after 10 years!

To the best that we can tell Jezebel's genetic make up is as follows: 

Color: ? Black
Pattern: White Badgerface or Solid
Spotting: Yes ?

Here are her parents:

Dam: STS-37Z, "Golsa" a beautiful black badgerface, polled, twin.  She is the reliable twinner with a record of (2x1;8x2) lambs per year at Yeoman Farm has over a 180% lambing percentage.  She carries solid.

Sire: STS-875G , White, completely polled, single. Excellent conformation, very nice wool. Carries moorit and spotting. Temperament: Tame but on the shy side.

Bred to:

Rex-SRX 135H  Rex is a Gray Moorit Badgerface, completely polled single ram with a long meaty body and very correct feet and legs. This ram also has a very fine silky fleece and excellent conformation. Rex was named in honor of the famous Rex Mongold of Tongue River Farm in Montana.

Because Rex is showing both of the pattern genes that he is carrying we know he passes on moorit and either gray or badgerface.  There is a 50 percent chance that Jezebel will pass on her hidden pattern gene.  This means that the lamb(s) will be:

50% white (carrying gray or badgerface and spotting)
12.5% solid moorit badgerface (carrying solid, and spotting)
12.5% solid moorit gray (carrying solid, and spotting)
12.5% solid black badgerface (carrying moorit, solid, and spotting)
12.5% solid black gray (carrying moorit, solid, and spotting)


On April 13, 2001 our Jezebel gave birth to a large white polled ewe.  While Jezebel comes from a line of ewes that twin, this is her first year lambing so a large single is appropriate.  the ewe lamb is very pretty and has a longer fleece than the other lambs.  Jezebel lived up to her name in that while she was put in with Rex, a beautiful grey badgerface polled ram, she did not want to be with him as Whitie a nicely horned white ram caught her eye and had bred her 2 weeks before Rex and Rambo got to our farm.