Solid Moorit

wide horns



Helga's genetic make up is as follows: 

Color: Moorit Moorit
Pattern: Solid Solid
Spotting: ? No

Helga and her twin sister Hedda are beautiful solid moorit with very full fleece.  She has very wide spread horns and and is very independent.

The story of the Lawn sheep, Hedda and Helga

We affectionately call them our lawn sheep as when we had a severe drought their first year we would let them out to graze on the lawn in the back yard before mowing so that they would get as much nourishment as possible.  The result was really nice lambs from both her and her sister.

The only side effect of letting them eat the backyard grass last season was that they became escape artists, always trying to take their lambs to taste the grass in the backyard.  Here is the view from our breakfast table.

Here are her parents:

Sire: BLW-H176, solid moorit, horned, triplet, born 5-2-98. Dam "Pearl" STS-341E, Sire "Big Horn" BLW-F08. This fellow has his sire's horns, big, beautiful and flaring. He is big and square like his dad. Lambs from this cross must be moorit and certainly well horned.

Dam: BLW-15F "Tinkerbell", Solid Moorit, horn, twin. A calm and attentive mother, Tinkerbell is the granddaughter of Jager Farm's Solee. She has Solee's maternal skills and udder . Tinkerbell is four this spring and has a history of 1,1,2,1 - She gave birth this year to a huge moorit spotted ram lamb with horns already sticking out. Her fleece is a lovely moorit with undertones of pewter. She has a soft fleece with very short tog.


*On April 9, 2000 Helga gave birth to a twin solid black ewe lambs, NORD-11K and NORD-12K.  This was as a ewe lamb at 11 months!  The second ewe lamb was very small and did not survive but it is still remarkable that a ewe lamb could deliver twins.  The small twin probably was less well attached to the womb and didn't get the same amount of nutrition as her sister.  Helga has a very independent personality  and shows her lamb how to squeeze through openings in our fences.  Mother and daughter never leave the yard... just convinced that the grass is always greener on the other side of a weak fence.