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These are of Fallegar as a yearling

Here is Fallegar March 2001




Spotted Moorit Badgerface

small horns




Fallegar is Icelandic for beautiful (as in a beautiful girl) and this ewe has a very sweet face and disposition. She is a spotted moorit badgerface; her face has the badgerface markings shown by the telltale white patches below the eyes, but the white spotting pattern makes it unclear.  Her body is white except for her face and ears, a moorit left rear hoof, and a spot on her stomach.  We weren't sure about her horns as they were small and one horn broke a tip but she the horns have a wide spread placement so we bred her to Aslan our lead ram as he is very strongly horned.  She has a soft fine fleece and nice conformation.   She is the step sister of our "Birgit".

Birgit's genetic make up is as follows: 

  From Sire From Dame
Color: Moorit Moorit
Pattern: Badgerface Solid
Spotting: Yes Yes

Here are her parents:

Dam: STS-D118 "Mae", a spotted black horned , twin.   She is a calm, attentive mother with 175% lambing.  Her spotting pattern is a mix of large spots and small freckles.

Sire: BLW-G66,  spotted moorit badgerface, horned, single (born to a yearling) with very fine fleece. This sire threw some beautiful lambs.

Bred to:

"Tinker", NORD-13K, Spotted Moorit.

Lamb- result percentages are:
50% moorit spotted badgerface
50% moorit spotted

*On 4/4/2000 Fallegar gave birth to twins, a white ewe NORD-08K and a solid moorit ram NORD-O9K, both horned.  She delivered her twins unassisted and is a very attentive mother.  She singled as a ewe lamb as is typical as she was is only 11 months old but by last year was large enough to twin.  She has a very nice udder.



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