carries black and solid


Her large frame, wide horns, and large rumen
make here a classic white horned Icelandic ewe

Here is Elska all wet and dirty after a rain and after being up to her shoulders in a hay bail.  You can see the wide horns. The tan on her face and legs is phaelomelanin, a reddish wool coat much like a ruddy complexion or freckles

BLW-57G "Elska" White, widely horned, twin.  Born 4-16-97.  Sire STS- 189D, Dam STS-123C.  "Elska" is sweet and the friendliest ewe on the farm.  She also tends to be the most dominant among the other ewes.  She has wide strong horns from both her parents. 

She had a single as a ewe lamb (at 11 months) and had a set of twins this last year. She has a huge rumen that apparently translates to rich milk as her lambs grow very well.  Her twins this year are already bigger than all of the singles except for one of the single ram lambs.

 To the best that we can tell Elska's genetic make up is as follows: 

Color: ? Black
Pattern: White Solid
Spotting: No No

 Sire: STS- 189D White, Horned, single born to a lamb. Born 5-3-94.  Sire STS-194Z, Dam STS-152Z.  He is a big bold ram that is now at David and Nancy Pease’s Glen Osprey Farm.

Dame: STS-123C "Wide Horns" black solid, horned, twin.  Born 5-3-93.  Sire STS- 190Z, Dam STS-187Z.  "Wide Horns" and has had 3 sets of twins. She is an excellent mother who milks well.

Bred to:

"Aslan" BLW-137H. Lamb- result percentages are:
50% white (carrying solid and spotting)
25% solid moorit (carrying spotting)
25% solid black (carrying moorit and spotting)

As both parents are widely horned the lamb(s) will have great  horns.


On April 12, 2001 Elska gave us identical twin white horned ram lambs.  Both ram lambs are strongly horned and will have large frames as we bred Elska to Aslan, our lead ram.  With Aslan and Elska we got them not for the color but for their super confirmation and wide dominant horns.  Elska is the top of the pecking order among our ewes and Aslan rules over the rams.  Either of these ram lambs will make good terminal sires both for build and attitude.