Solid Black




Carries Moorit

STS-133J- "Beauty" Black, horned, triplet.  Born 4-19-99.  Sire STS- 721G, Dam STS-127B.  She is sweet but shy, has solid medium horns from both her parents and carries Moorit from her father.  Her mother has a breeding percentage of 214 percent having singled as a ewe lamb and since then 4 sets of twins and 2 sets of triplets.

To the best that we can tell STS-133J's genetic make up is as follows: 

Color: Black Moorit
Pattern: Solid Solid
Spotting: ? ?

Sire: STS-721G. Moorit solid, horned, triplet. Medium conformation, good wool. Temperament : Shy.  Horns are excellent with good clearance.

Dam: 175-Z, moorit, horned, thirteen lambs in seven years.

Sire: 275-E "Romeo", moorit, horned, twin, wonderful temperament.

Dame: STS-127B White, horned, twin.  Born 5-3-93.  Sire STS- 190Z, Dam STS-187Z.  She is very profilic (1x1;4x2;2x3) as she has had a single as a yearling, 4 sets of twins and 2 sets of triplets. Her lambs grow well and are also prolific.