carries moorit - solid or gray

Angelica August 2000

Angelica March 2001

Angelica is a sweet white polled twin ewe with a round barrel rumen and nice thel rich fleece.  She carries moorit and possible gray.  She comes from lines that are known for their soft fleece.  Her mother is an outstanding ewe at Jager Farm and her father produced a number of really nice offspring.

To the best that we can tell Angelica's genetic make up is as follows: 

Color: ? Moorit
Pattern: White Solid or Gray
Spotting: No No

Here are "Angelica's" parents:

Sire: BLW-194H "Beau" Moorit/gray, clear polled, single born to a lamb. Born 5-8-98.  Sire SRX-112G (Jake), Dam BLW-54G (Lizzy).  Beau has inherited Jake's square build, and his mother's soft fleece. With the moorit/gray, what a combination! His dam Lizzy, just had triplets for the second time as a three-year old (AI)!  She comes out of the Yeoman Farm Finull (fine wool) bloodline on both sides of her family tree, with lovely results in her fleece. She is very thel rich, with fine textured tog. Happily, Beau seems to have inherited his Mom's fleece!

Dame: STS-781G "White Bear" "White Bear" is a sibling of Little Bear.  Born 4-21-97  Sire STS- 112D, Dam STS-173B.  She shares her amazingly soft, fine fleece, very thel rich.  She was too small to lamb as a ewe lamb but she is now a big-bodied ewe. She had twins last year and this year also. She carries moorit.


*On April 27, 2000 Angelica gave birth to a big beautiful single white ewe, "Angelina" NORD-18K

 Angelica is a very protective mother and stays with her lamb apart from the other ewes.  Because of this attention her lambs grow fast and get plenty of milk.