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The perfect breed for handspinners, home and hobby farms

We are once again selling lambs and breeding stock.  This year we are bringing in new rams and bred ewes to keep our breeding lines top quality.

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Discover Icelandic Sheep, the ideal multipurpose sheep (wool, pelt, meat, milk)!

bulletHave you been thinking about getting a place with some land and raising a few sheep?
bulletAre you a hand spinner and have been looking for a breed of sheep with a wide natural color range?
bulletAre you looking for a breed of sheep that produces wool for weaving, felting, AND fine wool for spinning?
bulletAre you looking for sheep as a way to keep your small farm land use status?
bulletWhat kind of sheep provides wool, milk, pelts, and meat?

the Vikings breed of Sheep! is the home for Purebred Icelandic sheep in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area.  We are located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains just one hour west of Washington, DC. and one hour from the annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival held the first weekend in May each year. 

Our sheep are tested to be OPP and Foot Rot free to insure only the finest quality animals.  We encourage you to visit our website to find out about Icelandic sheep. choose Icelandic sheep as the foundation of our flock and trust that when you find out about this wonderful breed of sheep that you will choose it for your farm.  We welcome you to come see why Icelandic sheep are so special!

We are the closest Icelandic breeder to the Baltimore/ Washington Metropolitan Area and can ship anywhere in the United States and can even arrange delivery via same day air freight.

Why Icelandic Sheep:
- a Quadruple purpose Breed: Meat/Milk/Fiber/Pelts

- Hardy, healthy sheep from centuries of natural selection

- Gourmet light flavored meat

- Versatile, soft, lustrous, dual coated fleece

- Reliable twinners; excellent fertility

- 189 different genetic color & pattern combinations are possible

- Pelts that look & feel luxurious

- Medium size; early maturity/long lived

- Finish on pasture alone in 4 to 5 months (no grain needed)

- Naturally short tails; no need to castrate or tail dock

- Excellent mothers; known for pasture lambing; vigorous lambs

- High value products fill niche markets

-Either rams or ewes can have horns- give you choice in what you like


This page was last updated on 28 November, 2008.

The first Icelandic Sheep in the Washington, DC/ Baltimore area,
 since 1998!

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